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Humanae Physical Therapy provides physical therapy and therapeutic yoga instruction. Dr. Becky Wooster, PT specializes in pregnancy "prehab" and postpartum rehabilitation. 

Becky Wooster, PT, DPT


Dr. Becky Wooster was Texas born and raised and then moved to the great state of Iowa for her schooling. She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science in 2004 and her Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy in 2007 from the University of Iowa. Excited for warmer weather and the culture of Austin, she moved to this vibrant city where she and her husband now call home. After graduation from physical therapy school, she began her professional career as a PT at a hospital-based outpatient clinic. She earned much experience with orthopedics, rehabilitating patients post-op, getting her feet wet in aquatics PT, and treating all varieties of neural dysfunctions from carpal tunnel syndrome to stroke. She also has much experience in the small private practice setting where she specialized in vestibular conditions and otherwise continued to hone her orthopedic skills. Since being pregnant and bringing two happy, energetic boys (now ages 5.5 years and 3 years) and recently a baby girl into the world, she wholeheartedly appreciates the awesomeness of the woman's body, and therefore has broadened her skills to include women's health.

Becky has taught yoga for 14 years. This experience, combined with her experience in physical therapy, makes her an expert in human body posture and movement. She holds true that structure follows function; i.e. without proper structure, the body is set up for dysfunction. She continues her education through the Institute of Physical Art and is a member of the APTA. 


Treatment space in Heart and Sole Wellness Center