I had been trying exercise and self massage and even treatments from another PT for 4 months to relieve my neck pain. After one visit with Becky I got relief from the constant ache for the first time in months! 



I had a great experience working with Becky from Humane PT!  I went to see her because I was experiencing painful intercourse and felt that my pelvic floor had not yet recovered a year after I had given birth to my 11 lb 15 oz baby.  After just a couple of months of PT with Becky, I felt fully recovered and all of my pain was gone! She did a great job of providing me with instructions to do the exercises at home and was also very flexible when I had to make last minute appointment changes due to my job.  



I have had lower back pain for five years now, and I discovered I have diastasis recti. My stomach muscles are weak, and my back is making up for that weakness. I started doing physical therapy with Becky, and I am feeling so much better! The combination of massage, stretching, proper breathing, and building strength in my core has been perfect for me. I feel stronger, and when my lower back hurts, I now know what to do! No surgery, just hard work and the PROPER technique. 


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