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Pregnancy Fitness & Birth Preparation

From one mama who's given birth to two babies naturally to another mama: my goal is to give you confidence and train your body to experience the most healthy labor and delivery possible. In a private, ONE-ON-ONE environment, learn the best exercises for your body to prepare physically and mentally for labor and delivery of your baby to the outside world. 


Pregnancy Fitness

With the miraculous and beautiful task of growing a baby inside a woman's body come complementary changes to a woman's body. Learn strengthening, stretching, and yoga-based exercises to best prepare for and handle these bodily changes, as well as prevent the aches and pains with bodily changes. Additionally, you may receive manual therapy in order to achieve a neutral posture and promote optimum functioning movement. 


Birth Preparation

The physical demands of giving birth to a baby are comparable to the physical demands of an athletic event. Train your body with strengthening, stretching, and yoga-based exercises to loosen your hips and strengthen those "pushing" muscles. Equally important, learn techniques to relax and focus your mind to prepare to let your womanly body do what it was made to do. If appropriate, receive manual therapy to encourage muscle relaxation and promote optimum functioning of muscles and joints while achieving a beautiful, confident posture.