Dr. Becky Wooster, PT, DPT Humanae Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Specializing in Pregnancy & Postpartum

Pregnancy & postpartum is a time when moms laugh off complaints of lower back pain, leaking urine, and confusion about returning to exercise. With physical and hormonal changes, the body is prone to pain and dysfunction, but moms should not feel helpless when it comes to learning about their changing body and how to remain strong. Take time to seek the guidance of a physical therapist to get your body functioning optimally.

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Common Conditions treated by Dr. Becky Wooster, PT, DPT:

Diastasis recti / rectus abdominals

Post-Op Cesarean / C-section


Pelvic, hip, spine, pubic, & back pain

Painful sex / intercourse

Return to sport / running