Foam roller

Using a foam roller at home for part of your exercise program will help to carryover the effects of myofasical release and neurophysiological changes gained during your PT sessions.

DoTerra Essential Oils and Supplements

Hands down my favorite essential oils. Distilled purely. Harvested ethically. The only brand I trust to put on and in my body!

SI Loc pelvic stability belt

The hormone relaxin begins to increase at conception and peaks around 14 weeks of pregnancy at the end of the first trimester. Relaxin causes joints to "relax" or become more lax in order to ease the process of the baby to be delivered. A side effect is that all the joints of the body loosen, sometimes causing pain and instability. This SI belt may help stabilize the pelvic bones at the SI joints and pubic joint, if exercises alone are not providing enough stability.