Pregnancy & Postpartum Physical Therapy

Though a beautiful experience, pregnancy and delivering a baby to the outside world may cause aches & pains and wear & tear on the mother's body. YES - you will return back to normal. NO - normal does not involve incontinence, pain, or lack of strength. 

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Orthopedic Physical Therapy

My niche is pregnancy and postpartum physical therapy, though I still treat orthopedic issues! Whether rehabilitating from an injury, learning exercises to eliminate lower back pain, or improving posture, physical therapy will restore your physical health and eliminate pain.

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Birth Preparation Session

Growing a baby and then delivering that baby to the outside world is about as difficult as running a marathon. Learn techniques from expert doulas and midwives, yoga, use of breath and strengthening & stretching exercises from this physical therapist mama who delivered three babies into this world without medication intervention.  

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Private Yoga Session

I have taught yoga for 15 years through several different of my major life stages. I teach through the lens of an orthopedic physical therapist and analyze movements and postures that will contribute to of prevent pain.